VMware Virtual SAN

Just found whats looksl like a good article about VMware Virtual SAN. Putting a link her so I can go back to read all of it later when I have time.

Article: VMware Arena - VMware Virtual SAN : Basics of VSAN


Where did your Chrome URL go?

You may have noticed lately, at least this happenes in my Chrome v35 beta, that the entire URL has vanished and only the site FQDN is showing?


FQDN, but no Complete URL. Annoying if you ask me

First I didn't find any solutions while googling, so I started to og through all the advanced and experimental settings ("flags") for Chrome and at the bottom I found the solution/configuration.
Open this URL in Your Chrome: chrome://flags/#origin-chip-in-omnibox
This will give you this:
Even the flag url is hidden, showing only "Chrome"
Now, by setting this setting to 'Disabled' and restart Chrome everything is back to normal, or at least the way I prefer it - the COMPLETE URL is shown :) 

Much better!

Later I started googling for the key Words in the settings, like "origin-chip" and found some more information: http://chromespot.com/2014/01/17/you-can-now-customize-origin-chip-url-address-in-chromium/