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Compare TV screen sizes: http://displaywars.com/
Compare Cameras: http://snapsort.com/
Compare sizes of "all" things: http://www.sizeasy.com/
Compare graphics card: http://www.hwcompare.com/



IprediaOS is a fast, powerful and stable operating system based on Linux that provides an anonymous environment. All network traffic is automatically and transparently encrypted and anonymized.



How to change displayed language in Windows 8

When I first installed Windows 8 x86-64 RTM, all the Metro apps (or is it Modern UI Apps it's called these days?) was displayed in Norwegian when I wanted my system to be all English. After fiddling around a few minutes I found out what to change to keep my keyboard language and date and time formats in Norwegian but everything else in English:
  • Press WIN+F to search (at least in the English version)
  • Search for 'Language' under settings
  • Select language
  • Add a language
  • Select English (United States) or which one you like
  • Move it to top
  • Remove the old one, 'Norwegian' in my case
  • Select Options
  • Add an input method
  • Norwegian (or your keyb layout)
  • Add
  • Remove US input and click save


Customize your XBMC Media Center

I found this article while searching for latest news/software for my aging original Xbox (chipped Xecuter):
The Ultimate Start to Finish Guide to Your XBMC Media Center

What are the last version and best dash for this box? Which XBMC is the latest that works on Xbox, or are there other replacements for XBMC (I saw they dropped Xbox support a while age). Feel free to put answers in the comments :)