How to change displayed language in Windows 8

When I first installed Windows 8 x86-64 RTM, all the Metro apps (or is it Modern UI Apps it's called these days?) was displayed in Norwegian when I wanted my system to be all English. After fiddling around a few minutes I found out what to change to keep my keyboard language and date and time formats in Norwegian but everything else in English:
  • Press WIN+F to search (at least in the English version)
  • Search for 'Language' under settings
  • Select language
  • Add a language
  • Select English (United States) or which one you like
  • Move it to top
  • Remove the old one, 'Norwegian' in my case
  • Select Options
  • Add an input method
  • Norwegian (or your keyb layout)
  • Add
  • Remove US input and click save

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