Utilize free RAM as RAM drive for temp files and swap

RAM drive utility: ImDisk - http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/#ImDisk

Create for instance a 2GB RAM drive, mounting it as R:

  • Chrome - Add --disk-cache-dir="R:\ChromeCache" --media-cache-dir=R:\ChromeCache to the Chrome icon's Target to change temp internet files
  • Internet Explore - Internet Options, Browsing History, Settings, Move Folder - Select the root of R:\
SWAP - Disable swap on a normal disk and set a 1GB swap file on R:

Verified on Windows 8, and should support all Windows NT based systems, including x64 :)

A forum post on how to do this with scheduled tasks when booting. Also it is not recommended to use RAM for pagefile. Get more RAM instead, it's cheap these days.
Updated 2: Added info about 'media-cache-dir' option for Chrome.
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