Blogpost of MDT 2013 Lite Touch Driver Management

I found this blogpost about MDT 2013 and handling drivers.. I might have to check it out later in a lab environment.

In MDT 2013 (Lite Touch), there are two types of drivers to worry about when deploying Windows. There are drivers for Windows PE 5.0 (the boot image) and there are drivers for the Windows Operating System that you deploy. 

Driver management for the boot image is pretty straight , but driver management for the Operating Systems that you deploy is more complex. The real answer is it depends… To simplify I have broken down drivers for the Windows Operating system in to three core scenarios (see later in this post). But first, let’s start with the boot image drivers.

Link: http://deploymentresearch.com/Research/Post/325/MDT-2013-Lite-Touch-Driver-Management
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